Who is this person? This thought pops up in my mind as I look into the mirror. Just flip this thought and ask yourself, what does that person in the mirror see when he or she looks at me.
There are times when people misunderstand me , judge me, criticize me, bully me, and laugh at me just with one look, one impression though the first impression is the last impression. I really don’t understand how somebody can give judgments about me in the very first interaction. What if I am not able to showcase my personality, express myself in the first ten minutes? Well, that’s how the things happen today.
The problem is that we accept ourselves the way others think of us as a person. What others think of us, is not who we are. This leads to the loss of one’s self. His individuality is replaced by people’s thought. It’s common among those who are victims of bullying, the introverts. I am one of those who have been bullied in my teen years and also an introvert. I am the kind of girl who enjoys her own little world. I feel blissful spending time with me. I am the one who doesn’t speak much in group conversations, I always take a backseat when it comes to initiating a friendship, I am scared of sharing my views with hundred people, I avoid get together, parties where I m forced to speak. All this makes me insecure and uneasy.
It’s not that I am scared of human contact but I feel that I am comfortable spending time with people who are worth my efforts for them. I like to be silent and I want to be with those who enjoy my silence who know the real me and don’t feel like escaping my company. Well nobody can stop me once I start speaking to a person with whom I feel secure. That’s the way I am.
I know my likes and dislikes.I know how I am as an individual, my wants, my future plans, my interests. I prefer to be lost in the world of reading fiction, listening to my favorite melody, watching poetry on YouTube, being alone at home but not lonely. This is what gives me the real happiness. This is my comfort zone. That’s how I will be because that’s how I was born and brought up.


We should not care about what people will think of us. Who r they? They don’t even know a bit about us, they are those who judge on the basis of the first impression. It’s better to stop giving importance to such bullshit because you cannot control others but you can control your actions towards them. There are a lot more things in life which require our attention. Focus on things which give you joy. Do things which will be a reason for your true smile not the fake one for strangers.
It’s your life, you have to choose the road which you want to travel. Make your own decisions. It should be your choice whether it’s about the dress you want to wear, the haircut you want, the pizza or ice-cream you want to eat, the movie you want to watch, the place you want to travel, every decision, every choice must be yours. Accept yourself. Love yourself more than anybody could ever love you.
Life has no meaning, we have to give meaning to our life. Add colors to it. Make it adventurous, wonderful, the way we want it to be. Each of us is different from one another .We must understand this reality. Life goes on, so keep going with the flow. Don’t stick yourself to something which happened in the past. Just let it go as there is always a beautiful sunrise after the sun sets. The storm in your heart will stop n the clouds will get clear. You will see the sun again.


Work FOR you , Work ON you !!

But several times.
I try
and try on,
Trying to be what i cannot be.
Trying to be what others expect me to be….
I really try hard.
And still i fail,
I fail , i fail and again i fail,
I fail to be the person i can’t be,
I fail to satisfy their expectations ….
Hold on,
Why ?
Why should i even try ?
Trying for what,
Trying to pretend what i can’t be at all,
Trying to shut them up….
Oh my goodness,
All efforts for whom ?
Who are these people ?
Not my mom,
Not my dad,
Not my brother,
Not my sister,
Not my friend…
Then who ?
My efforts,my anxiety ,my stress for whom ?
These people of the society,
Those who bark unnecessarily.
Hence, i realize,
Why my efforts are in vain .
“Do what you want ,
Be what you are,
Work for yourself &
Work on yourself ,
We love you ,
We are there for you ! ”
That’s what
My mom says , my dad says, my brother/sister says, my friend says…..
Not one, not two, not three,
But FOUR !!!!
These four ~
Yes these four,
Deserve my concern,
And definitely not others.
Here i cease ,
Then i begin
And finally i succeed .
Being myself,
Accomplishing my goals,
Only and only for me .